? Is Roger Waters secretly working for the Israeli government

In general, I'm not much of a fan of conspiracy theories.

I don't believe that Yitzhak Rabin was killed by his own bodyguards.

I don't believe that Paul is dead.

I do believe that Elvis is dead.

I'm even naive enough to still believe that Stevie Wonder is really blind.

So why would I be suggesting, even in jest, that Roger Waters is actually an Israeli operative ?

Because it would explain the following.

Right now, there is one group of people that represents the biggest obstacle to a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

This group is not the current Israeli government even though it is clear that they oppose any sort of two-state solution.

It is also not Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinian leaders whose hatred for Israel is so strong that they are opposed to any sort of peaceful solution –  regardless of what kind of suffering their stubbornness will bring to the people they supposedly represent.

The biggest obstacle right now to making any progress in the direction of a two-state solution are the various BDS groups calling for a boycott of Israel, and the cowboys like Roger Waters who have their own boycott initiatives.

There are two ways in which these people are making the idea of a Palestinian state more and more unlikely.

First of all, by taking a democratic Western nation like Israel and portraying it as some sort of twisted regime like North Korea, they are deviating so much from reality that their behavior can only be perceived as anti-Israel or just the work of a bunch of nutjobs. Either way, what true liberal would want to have anything to do with groups like that?

Second, by grotesquely distorting Israel's character, the various BDS groups have created a very large group of Israelis who believe that their country can do no wrong. The Israeli right, which currently represents close to 50% if not more of the Israeli public, tends to believe that its government is infallible. Can a moral country like the US make bad mistakes now and then? Certainly. Can a democratic country like the UK mess up every now and then? Of course. But can Israel make such mistakes ? In the eyes of the Israeli right, the answer is clearly no. Any statement about boycotting Israel just reinforces this view.

So, BDS people, if you really want a two-state solution, pack up your complete ignorance of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and just go home.

If you really want peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians, put away your protest signs with the abominable spelling mistakes, and go binge-watch Mad Men or some other series-du-jour.

Even better, if your really want to see the establishment of a Palestinian state, try this: become Israel's friend.

Tell the world that they are benefiting in untold ways from Israeli technology (even if it is mostly being developed by private companies just looking to turn a profit).

Admit that the IDF really is doing a better job than any other military probably would, but point out that the policies of the current Israeli government often put IDF officers and enlisted men in impossible situations.

Admit that Israel really is one of the most democratic countries in the world, but politely point out that the continued rule over such a large number of Palestinian non-citizens can only lead to an erosion of the country's democratic nature.

In general, people tend to listen to their friends, not their enemies. Why would countries be any different ?

But, Mr Waters and the rest of you BDS folk, if your true goal is to deal a death blow to the possibility of a two-state solution and eventual peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians, then just keep doing what you're doing. Don't change a thing. Those opposed to such a solution love you just the way you are.


Roger Waters – Wikipedia

BDS – Wikipedia

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